The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Cheap Costume Jewelries


While buying cheap costume jewelries may look like a pretty smart decision at the beginning, if you dig into more details, you may feel just the opposite. Well, I completely agree if you say that you do not want to spend a fortune on the pairs of earring that you are going to wear only once. BUT, when it comes to your own safety, spending on cheap costume earring may not be an ideal choice as well.

Allow me to dig into the fact.

Cheap costume jewelries contain harmful metals like lead, arsenic, nickel, chromium, mercury, chlorine, brominated flame retardant and cadmium. In the long run, each of these metals is immensely harmful for your health. Lead and cadmium are the most commonly found metals in cheap jewelry, needless to assert how critically damaging both of these metals are for your health.

Lead and cadmium metals are common in handmade cheap jewelries as well. While wearing those jewelries may not directly pose threat, ingesting one or simply putting into mouth (common with toddlers in any family) can pose serious threat. Lead poisoning affects brain, learning abilities and can result in behavioral problems. Even it can cause multiple organ damage and the end result could be fatal.

Here is a report from CBC on Toxic Jewelry. Please click on this link and read the article. After reading the report, if you are still not concerned about the dangers of lead and cadmium found in finished cheap costume jewelry, I really have no idea what will.

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