Mokam fashion jewelry is manufactured to strict specifications with high quality materials. Whether you select your jewelry in gold plated or silver plated, apt and substantial electroplating provides a rich and sophisticated polished finish that foes the “Real Thing”.

Many of our products shine and glow with diamond-like brilliance. Mokam uses Austrian Crystals, authentic cubic zirconias and Swarovski Crystals to deliver sensational sparkle.

All our products go through layers of rigorous inspection and quality evaluation process before we ship it to our customers. We assure that none of the items that we send to our customers have any sort of manufacturing defects. Additionally, we ensure that no customers shall receive any wrong items, no matter how much shipment load we have to face any given time.

Mokam holds no responsibility if there is any kind of tampering done on the received package. Once a package is received, the deal will be considered as closed and final.

All our products are packaged by professional packers and items are packed in a branded packaging of Mokam which is then tightened by tear-free air-bubble wrap and tear-free envelope.

However, in case if you still face any transport defect (rarest event), please contact us immediately after receiving your package with original invoice. We will evaluate case to case basis and decide our next course of action accordingly. To know more on returns, refund & cancellation policy, please click on this link.

Due to increasing fraudulent activities, our assurance is considered void in the following one, more or combined situations –

  • If the customer accepts and then lodges complaints of broken / tampered boxes
  • If the customer is not present at the time of receiving the package and then lodges complaints that someone ignorant about the policy received the damaged package on his behalf
  • If the customer lodges complaints that items are missing from the packaging box
  • If the customer decides to return as s/he doesn’t feel they need them any more