How does Mokam ensure that no wrong items will be sent to me?

It’s simply because we put an extra effort to take videos and photographs of the entire packaging and send over to you before shipping, so that you can personally check all the products you’ve ordered. It gives our customers a complete satisfaction to know in advance what they are getting in hand and how. There is no surprise fun, unfortunately.

How does Mokam ensure that no items with manufacturing defects shall be sent to me?

It’s because Mokam’s Quality Assurance team goes through three layered quality investigation process before it is then sent to packaging team. In fact, packaging team also closely work with Quality Assurance team to ensure that no damage is occurred at the time of packaging. Quality Assurance team takes photographs and make videos of the products and on request customers can see the videos and photos. There is no charge associated with this service.

How does Mokam ensure that there is no damage during transport?

While we can 100% guarantee for transport damage, but we can confidently say that 99.99999% chance is you receive your products without any transport damage. Our entire packaging is done by packaging professionals having years of experience in packaging industry. Entire packaging is done in tear-proof packaging so that it can take any extra pressure during transport (see Packaging Policy for more details).

We also work with DHL, DTDC and India Speed Post for years without any single complaint for them.

Why doesn’t Mokam honor complaints for package theft or missing items?

While we go to any length to satisfy genuine and loyal customers, we are humans too with feelings. We have had horror stories in our initial days when we faced series of fraudulent buyers who lodged misleading complaints of package theft and / or missing items and we had to compensate. After a real hard deal, we started investigating and found 100% of the cases were fraudulent activities done by the customer only.

So, we have changed our policy and make it as fair as possible so that good business with right people can take place. We take every measure to ensure that you receive your package safely. All the videos and photographs are sent to the customers as proof of items inside the package, customers are requested not to accept any torn / damaged or tampered box, our shipment partners are also aware of these proofs and take every measure to ensure perfect and hassle-free delivery.

What if I have seen photographs and videos, and then I have changed my mind and do not want to receive the shipment? Do you refund?

99% chances are we won’t. For 1% chance, we will evaluate the case and evaluate the weight of such claim. If we accept your claim, 85% of your purchase value shall be returned and 15% shall be charged as processing fee.