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We stand behind every product we sell. Each of our items are dispatched only after going through a rigorous evaluation process. We guarantee that you will never receive any items that are missing, broken or wrong.

However, if you still want to return your package for any reason, please fill up the following form.

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Return & Refund of order: Return & refund will only be honored if the product doesn’t match the description.

We will evaluate every situation on case by case basis and offer store credit in exchange. You MUST return back the product to us within 7 days of receiving the order. We don’t accept returns after the 7-days period. Your store credit will be active only after we receive your returned package.

Returned items must be returned in the original condition you received them in. We DO NOT ACCEPT torn, worn or damaged items. If a torn, worn or damaged item is returned, the return will be refused and sent back to you. You need to bear the shipping cost while returning the product.

Cancellation of order will only be honored till the item is not left for dispatch. Once dispatched, order cannot be cancelled at any circumstances.

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