Is there any joining fee?

There is NO joining fee to register as an affiliate partner.

I am new to affiliate marketing, how does this work? What do I need to do now?

It’s easy. All that you need to do is register as an Affiliate. Click here to register. Registration is 100% FREE. Once you submit your application, our review team will start evaluating your application form. If approved, we will notify you immediately. You will get your username and password that you can use to login to your affiliate control panel.

Once you are in your control panel, you can see different creatives along with your unique affiliate link. You can create your own campaign too. All that you need to do is promote that affiliate link in any channels, be it on your own website, blog, social profiles and so on.

Is there any restriction where I cannot promote Mokam’s products?

Yes, there are restrictions. You cannot promote Mokam’s products on any illegal or adult websites. You can never pretend of someone else, but to declare yourself as an associate partner of Mokam, but not stockholder or profit sharing partner. For more details, you must read Affiliate Terms.

I am not from India, can I become your affiliate?

At present, we are only inviting applications from India. However, we may extend our plan in near future, so please drop your contact at and let us know why you think you could be the best fit as a Mokam affiliate.

When and how can I earn?

You’ll earn whenever someone purchases following your affiliate link. You can generate as many affiliate links as you want. You will earn 10% of the sales value, which is quite high comparing the industry standard. Average sales value is Rs. 1500/-. As an affiliate, your earning will be credited to your bank account as soon as you earn Rs. 1000/-. Payment is released between 5th and 10th of every month. If monthly earning doesn’t meet threshold amount, it will be added to the next month’s payment.

Is there any target?

No, not at all. Though we truly appreciate if you actively promote Mokam’s products, we do not set any target to our associates. You are free to promote whenever you want and earn as much as you want.

All the best.

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