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Mokam is a promise made to the new world fashion where more than a few like-minded free souls connect through their avowal and ready to wear their heart’s content. It is not a regular boutique with common attire, it’s a statement zone where we define style as nothing, until you start living in it.

Redefining style in a Mokam Way

When we first decided to open our own retail online store, we wanted to create something unique. We were tired seeing so many stores, boutiques, fashion houses, yet serving the same tiring flavor without much significant ‘artistic value’.

Mokam is definitely not a common jewelry, accessory and beauty boutique store, it’s basically a concept – a concept that a specific group of people can relate to. Quite frankly, Mokam is not for everyone, it’s not meant for every soul. It’s about following your soul; it leads to soul freedom. It’s not just a regular online store, it’s a signature of your soul, it defines the right statement of your style, only if you have it in you.

Mokam runs its operation from Kolkata, India and it ships its items only within India (except a few specific zones).

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