Using the Google AdWords Keyword Bidding Software

Having the right SEO keyword tool or keyword analysis tool can take away a lot of the guesswork out of keyword selection and Search Engine Optimization. Now you’ll be able to figure benchmarks of competitive keywords.Free keyword bidding or SEO keyword tools can take keyword analysis and keyword selection to the next level. With them, you can execute gap analysis and right away ascertain your current ranking. You can program a task to measure just how much more you need to exert to make the gap narrower and perhaps be in the top 5 percent for your keyword or keyphrase.The Google AdWords SEO keyword analysis tool has a function that enables you to see factual search volume data that transpired during specific months. This is a great feature in itself, but there’s something that’s even more amazing. It’s the Google AdWords’ ability to perform keyword stemming analyses while at the same time cross-referencing semantic diversities of those keywords, makes this keyword bidding software even more awesome.For the benefit of those who are new to keyword bidding or Internet marketing, gap analysis is one whereby you diagnose whether there is an existing gap between your content, site and links to the target objective. In other words you want to know whether your business’ actual performance measures up to its potential performance.


The Value of Website Optimization

Everybody who has a website should try and learn some basic knowledge of search engine optimization as just a small amount of time on this subject can lead to some quality results. There are a few factors that are simple to implement but that a huge number of webmasters do not bother with. Here a re a few of the most important factors to look at.

Build a site map The site map is a page that links to all other pages on your website. When the search engine spiders visit your website they can use your site map to access all pages quickly which helps show your site is a quality one.New content The final factor is to update your site with new content. It is a good idea to make some changes periodically and possibly think about adding a blog so that your content is fresh and the search engine spiders come back to your website regularly to check for new content. If you do not want to have a blog you could just add a news section and include some related stories or include news stories based on your industry as a whole.Use correct meta tags These are your title tags, description and keywords. They show up on a search result for a relevant keyword and help to show what your site is about and get a click through to your web page. Find out the most important keywords for your niche and make sure you include them in these tags.Keyword density Try to aim for a keyword density of approximately 2 – 5%.

5 Tips for Using the Right Keywords for Your Resume


  • Match your keywords to the job description. First, search for the job you want on job search engines, such as Indeed, Monster, or CareerBuilder. For example, if the title of the job you want is “Social Media Manager,” type these words into the search engine. Take a look at the job descriptions for each search result you come up with. Which specific words are used? Keep an eye on which certain skills are required, such as proficiency in WordPress and HTML. You want to use those same words in your resume. Some good keywords for the position of Social Media Manager are social media, marketing, sales, and project management. But since different job descriptions use different keywords, be sure to tailor your resume for each individual job.
  • Include your keywords at the very top of your resume. For instance, if your resume has a “Summary of Qualifications” near the top of the page, here’s your chance to include all industry-specific keyword nouns and phrases. This ensures that your resume is found faster.
  • Talk to people in your industry about which ones to use. Go to the websites of the professional associations in your industry. Which keywords are being used in the content of these sites? Also, don’t be afraid to ask colleagues, managers, and friends in your industry about what keywords would be of most use to you.


The Importance of Keywords in SEO

So important is the subject that it’s amazing how much it’s ignored by people creating websites who claim to know about SEO, and in fact offer it in with their services.

Either these people do not perform any keyword research and simply guess what is being searched, or they don’t have the slightest idea about SEO and are just lying to boost their own conversion rate… at the cost of their clients!Anyway, as we all know there’s no point having some great looking website which perfect functionality, etc… etc… when nobody ever sees it. Why does nobody see it? Because it’s a site in a competitive industry that has either not been optimized, or has been optimized but very badly. If the keyword research had been performed to the acceptable standard, and then those keywords had been implemented into the website content and anchor text of incoming links then this wouldn’t be an issue. Yet so many sites I come across that have apparently had expert levels of SEO applied hardly have a mention (especially within the main areas of search weighting such as title tags) of the searched products and/or services.So many sites who do not have any real level of branding still have just the name of their company plastered all over their title tags, despite the fact that people don’t search the company name, they search the products and services!

Wasting Keyword Real Estate

I have a question for you… let us say that you invested quality time researching the marketplace and you found a market that was wildly profitable without any competition at all. And the chances of you making millions of dollars was a no-brainer (I mean a hot market like selling heaters to Eskimos and you were the only one in the world who would be selling them).

And let us further say that you invested quality time and your hard earned money creating profitable product partnerships with great companies to supply you with those heaters to sell and now you have everything set and ready to go.

Here is my question… would you build your “heater business” way out in the wilderness where nobody could find you or would even know that you existed? Chances are – probably not. I mean that would be totally insane to do something that ridiculous after you have invested all of your quality time and hard-earned money right? I mean who in their right business mind would ever build a business that nobody could find or even knew existed??As silly as that question was to ask you and as crazy as it may of sounded, that is exactly what sellers do when they commit sin #4 which is… sellers kill traffic by wasting keyword real estate!In other words, sellers have never taken the time to research their market first to find out what the exact keywords or keyword phrases are that their market is pre-dominantly using when searching for their products. Instead, sellers waste most of their valuable keyword real estate space in their title box by using minor keywords or worse, just words instead of using the actual major keywords that their market is searching with.And the reason most sellers waste their keyword real estate space is simply because they do not understand or even know that the title box is the gate that actually opens them up to the enormous floods of traffic on eBay or that there are laws that govern this box and rules that guide it.